A Warm Welcome From CaptureGuide.com

Hey there fellow photographers, I’m Max. Thanks for coming to visit my website CaptureGuide.com!

A few years ago I was living in South America and working as a photojournalist. In that period, I took photos for various clients and worked on personal projects which both gave me the opportunity to learn more about the art of photography.

Despite having spent a lot of time behind the camera and going on to win some photography awards, I wouldn’t call myself an expert in photography – far from it. Like many photographers out there, I’m constantly learning new tips and techniques or trying to figure out the latest camera setups.

More recently, I’ve found myself neglecting my DSLR and spending more time with my iPhone X and GoPro. Exploring the world of action cameras has opened up a whole raft of new possibilities. I find myself feeling the same kind of excitement I felt when I picked up my first digital camera over 15 years ago.

CaptureGuide.com is mainly a place for myself to consolidate things I’ve learned and share that information with other people who love to operate a camera – be it the skier trying to pick the right gimbal for their GoPro or the amateur photographer trying to capture the perfect night scene.

I hope you’ll find something useful at Capture Guide. Please also keep in mind this website is just as much of a place for me to learn from as it is for you readers to learn from. I’d really appreciate any feedback or advice you might have!

Constellations above La Paz, 2015. Captured using a Canon EOS 5D Mark II.