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film director 180-degree shutter rule

The 180-Degree Shutter Rule for Smooth Video Footage

In the realm of filmmaking and video recording, there are many rules and guidelines that professionals adhere to to achieve the ...

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Are GoPros Waterproof? How Wet Can They Get?

If you’re new to trekking and going on quick adventures, you’ve most probably considered taking a camera along with you. The ...

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SanDisk Extreme Vs Extreme Pro Vs Ultra SD and microSD Cards

Have you ever tried to download an app or shoot a video only to be notified that your device is out ...

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How Many Photos Can 16GB/32GB/64GB/128GB/256GB Hold?

How many pictures can your SD card hold? Knowing the answer to this question could be the difference between having the ...

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What are the mysterious LRV and THM files on my GoPro?

Have you just inserted your GoPro’s memory card into your PC/Mac and discovered some additional files alongside the actual .MP4 video ...

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Supported And Unsupported iPhone Video Formats (Plus Troubleshooting Tips)

The iPhone has native support for a wide range of video file formats. However, there are also some video formats that ...

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what is a gimbal featured image

What’s A Gimbal? The New Camera Accessory Everyone’s Talking About

Some time ago, I came across a Reddit post that featured a video of a skateboarder cruising around a London skatepark ...

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