Editorial Policy

CaptureGuide.com is an independently owned blog that provides news, reviews, and tips related to cameras, photography, videography and related equipment.


We strive to provide accurate, unbiased information to our readers. When reviewing products, we disclose how we obtained the product and aim to assess it fairly against competing products.

When reporting news, we link to original sources whenever possible. We make efforts to confirm information with multiple sources when feasible. If we make a factual mistake, we will promptly issue a correction.

If a company or individual disputes our reporting, we offer them a right of reply on our site. We also welcome feedback from readers and will promptly correct any errors that are brought to our attention.

Professional Relationships

We aim to maintain professional relationships with camera and accessory manufacturers and respect embargoes and NDAs when appropriate. However, our content is never influenced by these relationships. Our reviews and reporting remain objective and honest.

We do not accept gifts from manufacturers aside from gear provided for the purpose of reviewing. We refrain from paid consultancy work or endorsements that could pose a conflict of interest.

Advertising and Affiliate Links

Capture Guide is supported by advertising revenue as well as affiliate commissions from select retail partners like Amazon. However, our editorial content is never influenced by these revenue sources. Affiliate links use neutral language and only appear where relevant.

We maintain a separation between advertising and editorial operations. Our site does not run auto-play video ads or offensive advertising content.


We disclose any relevant relationships, monetary or otherwise, that could potentially affect our ability to provide objective coverage.

This editorial policy outlines the standards we strive to uphold in our quest to provide trustworthy information to our creator-focused audience. We welcome feedback from readers on how we can continue improving Capture Guide.