DJI Osmo Pocket 3 Leaks: Examining the Rumored Upgrades

The rumor mill is spinning with leaked info about DJI’s hotly anticipated Osmo Pocket 3 camera. As a longtime user of Osmo gear, I’m eager to see how DJI pushes the compact gimbal camera category forward. While we await official word from DJI on October 25th, let’s dive into the leaked specs and photos to see what upgrades may be in store.

The biggest change is the reported jump to a larger 1-inch sensor, up from the 1/1.7-inch sensor in the Osmo Pocket 2. This aligns with the recent sensor upgrades we’ve seen in DJI’s other cameras like the new Osmo Action 4. A 1-inch sensor means better light capture and improved image quality, especially in low-light shooting. Based on sensor size alone, I expect at least a one-stop advantage in dynamic range compared to the previous model.

We can also expect a boost in video capabilities, with 4K resolution at up to 120fps based on the leaks. This will allow for silky smooth slo-mo footage. DJI’s ActiveTrack technology is getting an update as well, with ActiveTrack 6.0 providing better subject tracking. I faced some issues with ActiveTrack on the Osmo Pocket 2, so hopefully the new version is more consistent.

On the design side, the 2-inch rotating touchscreen is ideal for vlogging and vertical videos. A slight worry is dust intrusion over time with the flip screen mechanism. However, the ability to easily film myself or capture social media content would easily outweigh that concern for many users.

Another big upgrade seems to be the addition of a dedicated wireless microphone transmitter for higher-quality audio capture. However, some concerning news is that there may not be a 3.5mm mic jack, forcing users to use DJI’s proprietary mic. I hope this isn’t the case, as having options is always better for content creators, but the lucrative margins on such accessory sales might mean this is wishful thinking.

Other enhancements like 10-bit D-Log color profiles, focus tracking, and upgraded Matrix stereo audio round out the package and make the Osmo Pocket 3 a tempting upgrade for video creators. However, the rumored $399-$499 price tag is not insignificant. It positions the camera more as a professional tool versus a mainstream consumer gadget.

In any case, I’m reserving my final judgments until DJI spills all the official details on the Osmo Pocket 3 later this month. But based on the leaks so far, it looks like a worthwhile upgrade for vloggers and videographers who want silky gimbal footage in a compact form factor. Stay tuned for my hands-on review once I get my hands on the new camera!

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