How to use DJI Osmo Pocket 3 as webcam (plus caveats)

setting up osmo pocket 3 as webcam for macbook

The DJI Osmo Pocket 3 might not be a purpose-built webcam, but it turns out it’s a very capable substitute. Image quality will most likely be better than the camera built into your laptop, and it benefits from other features like face tracking and the ability to move the gimbal camera using the joystick.

Here is a quick guide to getting your Osmo Pocket 3 set up for recording, streaming or video calls. The process is the same for both Mac and Windows PCs:

  1. Connect to Your Computer: Begin by connecting your DJI Pocket 3 to your computer using the supplied USB cable. If your computer does not have a Type C USB port, you must use a Type C to Type A adapter or a separate USB Type C to Type A cable.
  2. Power On and Allow Access: Turn on your Osmo Pocket 3. If it’s your first time connecting it to your computer, you will need to grant the device access to your computer.
  3. Activate Webcam Mode: On the touchscreen of your Osmo Pocket 3, tap the webcam option*. Your camera will now switch to webcam mode.
  4. Select in Applications: The Osmo Pocket 3 should now be recognized as a webcam in applications like Photo Booth (Mac)/Camera (Windows), Zoom or OBS.

*The notification will only appear for a few seconds. Your Osmo Pocket 3 remembers the last option you selected, and will automatically select that option after the timeout.

Here’s the video version of the guide, showing the process on a MacBook and a Windows laptop:

Firmware Update

Since the November 29th firmware update (v01.02.06.04), DJI unlocked a 1080p at 50/60fps option. By swiping the Pocket 3’s touchscreen up when it webcam mode, you can select it.

However, be aware that this feature is currently not functioning as intended and the Pocket 3 will still be capturing at 30fps even when selected.

Important Considerations

  1. Gimbal Modes: The three gimbal modes – Following, Tilt Lock, and FPV – are supported in webcam mode. However, you cannot switch between them while in webcam mode. You’ll need to exit webcam mode to change settings.
  2. Face and Subject Tracking: These features are available in webcam mode. Keep in mind that using these may cause your Osmo Pocket 3 to run hotter than usual.
  3. Limited resolution and frame rate options: In webcam mode, you are limited to 1080p 25/30fps and 1080p 50/60fps (which is currently not working). You cannot stream higher resolutions.
  4. Microphone works: The Pocket 3’s mic is made available on your computer when in webcam mode, but you can select a different input source if you prefer.

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