Feiyu WG2X Wearable GoPro Gimbal Review

Feiyu Tech have produced many gimbals for the GoPro but the wearable WG2 gimbal is no doubt their most popular. Just over a year following its release, Feiyu have updated the WG2 and come out with the WG2X.

Differences Between The WG2 and WG2X

Unlike the WG2 which was IP67 waterproof, the WG2X takes a step backwards and is only splashproof. However, the WG2X is improved in other areas. It has an angled arm that makes it possible to use your GoPro’s touchscreen unobstructed and leaves the GoPro better placed when mounted on your chest. It is also lighter, features improved stabilization and adds a shutter and mode button.


The Feiyu WG2X supports the GoPro HERO7 (all models), HERO6, HERO5, HERO4 as well as the HERO Session via the included Session mount adaptor. It also supports most similar sized action cameras (with a max payload of 130g), including popular ones like the Yi 4K/4K+, Sony RXO and SJCam.

With its universal ¼ inch thread mounting hole, it is easily worn with chest harnesses, shoulder straps and helmet mounts. It can also be attached to desktop tripods, selfie sticks and handlebars.


The WG2X’s design is similar to the WG2, with the exception of an angled arm. The angled arm is definitely a response to complaints about the arm obstructing the GoPro’s screen on the WG2.

Its three motors feature unrestricted 360° range of motion in the pan and tilt axes, beating much of its competition. For comparison, the EVO SS (Zhiyun Rider-M) only features a 320° pan and tilt angle.

While the WG2 had an aluminium body, the WG2X has an aluminium and ABS construction that sheds 27g from its predecessors weight.

The shutter button and mode button together make it much easier to perform the basic actions necessary to record video. It definitely beats having to reach for your smartphone or fiddle with the GoPro itself.

Shooting Modes

The Feiyu WG2X features three shooting modes, which can be changed by either pressing the mode button or remotely using the Feiyu ON app (available for iOS and Android).

Pan follow mode: In this mode, the gimbal will keep the horizon level, but follow pan (left and right) movements. This is probably the most useful mode for action sports, although an argument can be made for using the following mode.

Following mode: The gimbal will follow movements in the pan and tilt axes while keeping the footage stable.

Locked mode: The gimbal will lock the orientation of your action camera in all three axes. This means it stays focused on its target.

A bright LED on the WG2X makes it easy to quickly determine which shooting mode you are currently in.


The WG2X performed very well in stabilization testing. It is ahead of both the WG2 and EVO SS, with a higher responsiveness when all three were tested using their maximum follow speeds.

You can see a comparison video with the WG2 here:

As for battery performance, the WG2X’s 1500mAh battery was able to last for around 2.5 hours.


Overall the WG2X is a straightforward upgrade to the WG2, which was already one of the best wearable gimbals on the market. It is a shame to see the IP67 waterproof body to be replaced by a splashproof one, but the waterproof body of the WG2 didn’t hold up well in watersports anyway.

The arm redesign doesn’t warrant replacing your old WG2 if you already own one. However, first time buyers will definitely want to get the WG2X over the WG2 unless the WG2 is heavily discounted.

With superior stabilization, a decent price point and almost no notable flaws, the WG2X is in my opinion the best wearable gimbal for GoPros right now.

Rating: 4/5

The Feiyu WG2X is currently our favorite wearable GoPro gimbal. See the full list of the best GoPro gimbals here.

FeiyuTech Feiyu WG2X Splash-Proof 3-Axis Wearable Gimbal Stabilizer with 360° Pan and Tilt Rotation, Action Camera Gimbal Compatible with GoPro Hero 7/6 / 5/4 / Session and Similar Size Cameras, comes
  • 🎿【WIFI Control & Rapid Shoot】: We understand that your GoPro needs to react quickly, so our new gimbal to camera direct WIFI connection function, allows you to control the camera's shooting and recording via your gimbal.
  • 🎿【Innovative Design】:The specially designed base support and 2,000/sec real-time calibration ensures stable shooting, no matter whether hanging or wearing. In addition, the Red Dot Elevation design avoids negative impact from the roll motor, thus improving shot quality results
  • 🎿【Multi-Mode】: Action mode: double-click the function button to enter Action Mode – shot agility is increased in this mode Auto-rotation mode: quadra click to enter auto-rotation mode – add motion to your time-lapse shot by easily setting up a constant seep movement in this mode
  • 🎿【Lightweight and Powerful】: Thanks to our high strength, light weight composite materials, the fuselage weighs only ~½lbs and has 2.5 hours of shooting capability. Our updated platform includes anti-shake calculation, brushless motor, and stronger power.
  • 🎿【Warranty And Service】: We provide complimentary: 1-year warranty, and 24-hour customer service. If any questions arise, please feel free to contact us.